About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Performance Coach. My goal is to help others reach their fullest potential in life. I provide relationship, career, and entrepreneurship coaching for those who are looking for a little extra support and motivation. I focus my counseling skills on women's mental health issues and trauma-focused care.

I’m a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children, three of whom were welcomed into this world while I was earning my B.A. in Psychology and M.S.Ed in School and Mental Health Counseling at the University of Pennsylvania. I've learned how to juggle the many demands and stressors of motherhood while achieving success in school, career, and entrepreneurship. I've also received post-masters training in Trauma-informed care, Maternal Mental Health care, and Coaching in the areas of wellness, life and relationships.

I truly believe that I have found my calling in life. That calling is to help YOU find happiness by being a supportive guide on your life’s journey. I understand the various struggles that most women have to deal with on a daily basis. I want to help you feel empowered to embrace your true self and  pursue your life’s passions. I will do that by first, helping you choose goals that are both attainable and fulfilling and second,  supporting you on your journey of attaining your goals in becoming a stronger, healthier, happier YOU!

My Philosophy
I approach both coaching and therapy from a Person-Centered approach, which means that we will work together to explore your personal beliefs and values to help you reach your own unique happiness and fulfillment in life. We will strengthen your sense of self in order for you to make conscious choices and conscious changes in your life. I will also use evidence-based techniques  from different theories in order to develop a plan that is unique to you and your experiences. I strive to be a culturally competent therapist who will acknowledge different aspects of you, such as culture, values, and beliefs.

Why Ivy Therapist?

The ivy plant symbolizes strength, resiliency, and growth. These qualities have been a theme throughout my journey, starting from overcoming obstacles early in life to working hard and becoming a two time Ivy League graduate. When I look at the ivy plant, I see the human capacity to live, grow, and thrive despite all obstacles. 


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